Friday, September 3, 2021

Friday Night Videos: Night Shift Music

Time to come back to Friday Night Videos!

With NIGHT SHIFT Night Companion Kickstarter ending soon I thought IT would be good to celebrate the return of cooler nights.

Let's get some night music going.

Up first, the song that really should be the theme song for NIGHT SHIFT, 

The Police's Bring on the Night.

NIGHT SHIFT is old-school mechanics with a new-school attitude. D&D meets Modern Supernatural. So no one genre of music is going to cover this giant peanut butter cup of awesome.

So here is Onyx and Biohazard on Judgement Night.

One day I should stat up Gibby Haynes as a NIGHT SHIFT character.  He'd fit in perfectly.

And we all know Stevie Nicks would.

How could I forget our lovely immortal?

And the song my kids sing when we all play.  The NIGHT. BEGINS. TO SHINE!

Enjoy the night!

Night Companion is nearing the end of the Kickstarter!  Join us.

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Dick McGee said...

You know, I really, really want to hate everything involved with that Teen Titans Go cartoon, but then those damn Night Begins To Shine specials have to go and ruin my perfectly reasonable loathing just by existing. Makes the rest of the show even more offensively dreadful by comparison since we have proof they could do so much better. Sigh.