Friday, June 17, 2016

Kickstart Your Weekend: Spellbook Gaming Boxes Recap

Every so often I like to report on a successful Kickstarter project.  So today I want to share one I got this week, The Spellbook Gaming Boxes from Elder Wood.

I talked about them back in October and I got the boxes I ordered this week on my birthday no less!

The" books" came in a velvet bag, which was a nice touch.

I got one for myself and another for my oldest son.  My youngest didn't want one.

They are a little smaller than I thought they might be, but going back looking over everything they are exactly the size advertised.   Actually, I am rather pleased with the size.

My son filled his with his favorite minis, pencil and his metal dice.

I put in my favorite minis for my witch and the dice I use for Ravenloft and Castles & Crusades.

I think I'll get some dice special for this that I can use for that character too.  Sounds like some good Gen Con shopping!

Nice little latch on it to keep everything in place.

I kinda wish I got something on the spine, but that is fine.

The back looks good too.

I have to say I am very pleased with these and I think I would like to have another one.  They feel really sturdy, but I would not through them into a book bag.  I would use it to carry a figure or two with dice to a game or as a display piece in my game room.

No idea when they are making them for the general public yet though.

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