Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Gaming

It's been busy time this Christmas.  So far I have gotten a lot of gaming in.
We went to my in-laws to see my wife's sister and her kids and my kids brought out D&D.  I got hit with some allergies and could not run, but my oldest decided to run some games.  He got both of my nephews to play some D&D 5.  They had a great time.  So great in fact that I went out got them some dice, minis, a Starter Set and the Basic Rules.

We went back out to visit and Liam ended up running Hoard of the Dragon Queen.  Instead of Tiamat he used his own creation, Aži Dahāka.  It went fantastic.  Really fantastic.

Even their other cousin and her boyfriend joined in for a couple of sessions.

They had such great time that the brand new Xbox One went largely ignored.  Not to bad really.

So I got 4 new people into gaming this holiday.  How did you do?


Fuzzy Skinner said...

That is fantastic! It's always nice to hear that the younger generation(s) still have the desire and capacity to play old-fashioned tabletop games, and I feel like the new Starter Set is a boon in that regard. (I started with the D&D: The Movie Fast Play Game, myself!)

Pun Isaac said...

Just curious, how old were your boys when you started trying to introduce D&D to them?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I started my oldest at age 5, but before that he had had his own dice. They were large so choking was not an issue. My youngest started about age 6 if I remember right.