Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teratic Tome: Print Verison

I picked up the Teratic Tome on PDF a while back.

I liked it. So I decided to pick up the hardcover too.

It fits in nicely with all my other 1st edition-ish books.

The author,  Rafael Chandler, did a really good job of capturing the look of the 1st ed books.

Maybe too good of job in fact.  In any case it fits in nice with my books as a Monster Manual 4 or Fiend Folio 2 (if Monsters of Myth is MM 3).

What really swayed me on this is the fact I am running a 1e game with my kids and I could use a couple of these.

If you buy the PDF you get a coupon to get hardcover at $6.66 off.  If you buy the hardcover at full price you get a free PDF.

Pretty nice really.


WQRobb said...

Looks good, and is one of those cases where I don't mind them holding onto the style of the printing.

Anonymous said...

So what monsters from the Teratic Tome, specifically, are good for using in a game with kids? I'm curious.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

WQRobb, yeah. As a player I like that it looks like my other books. As someone who publishes his own material I like the effort that went into this. But at the same tiem mimicking the trade dress of another product is sometimes not so good.

Alzrius, I am looking at the long game. By the time my kids are at the point where they would be fighting these monsters they will be late-teens. But right away I like the crazy halflings.

Unknown said...

It is a good book. My print copy just came today. I have to say I am enjoying flipping through it. Has he done any other books?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yes, he has a few. You can find them all at