Sunday, February 23, 2020

Weekend Gaming. Keep the Goblin in the Backpack

A full weekend of gaming.  
Friday Liam went to his friends' game (5e) where they are rotating DMs. I think this is a great idea. Gives everyone a chance to try DMing and keeps everything fresh with everyone's different style.  
Next week I hear they are doing Trek! 

Saturday was Connor's group. They are going through the Curse of Strahd, but the characters are again the stereotypical bi-sexual, kleptomaniac, pyromaniac band of murder hobos.  One of the players could not make it this week or last, so their character, a goblin fey-pact warlock, has been in the barbarian's backpack this whole time sleeping.  Trouble is the barbarian has decided he likes spiders, so he keeps putting live spiders into his backpack.  This will be fun next week.

Tonight Liam has his other group, his "college" group, over.  They are also going through Curse of Strahd.

We also went out to Games Plus this weekend to drop off some books for the local game auction.

For food, since it was 50 degrees in Chicago (which is like 70 everywhere else, except Minnesota, they think 40 is like everyone elses' 70) I grilled.  Chicken, garlic bread, romaine, as well as cornbread and brownies. 

Right now everyone is laughing, so it sounds like a good time. 
Hope your weekend of gaming went well!

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Cross Planes said...

It's fun watching the kids form their own roleplaying groups. I have to hold my tongue quite a bit and let them figure it out just as I did.

My son's group recently had a young lady join them and within 15 minutes you'd think they'd known each other all their lives.

It warmed my heart to see the community they are building.