Friday, June 8, 2018

Kickstart Your Weekend: Runewild

This one just came to me today and it looks so cool I have to share.

A dark, fey themed 5e adventure sandbox featuring 12 different witch covens?
It sounds like someone has been reading my Christmas list!

160+ pages and we get:

  • A history of the Runewild and its surrounding settlements. 
  • 100 detailed encounter areas for player characters to explore. 
  • New optional rules for exploring and resting 
  • Advice for running a sandbox campaign 
  • A new feat: Fey-Touched 
  •  13 unique magic items (like witch embers and the staff of clarity and confusion) 
  • 32 new monsters (including clockwork dwarves, fey lions, giant forest sloths, and the terrifyingly beautiful Golden Bodach). 
  •  Detailed descriptions of the histories, motivations, and weaknesses of the witches of the Runewild, including the Whitebone Sisters; Missus Switch, the swine hag; Korthsuva, the Witch of Hours; and the hag-queen Griselda, Mother of Ogres. 

Seriously.  Let's get this one backed and funded so we can have all this great stuff.

Plus it looks like the book is already done, just minus some art and layout.

Looks great.


Pun Isaac said...

This one sounds interesting, especially given the one of the previews details a swine witch.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention!
And yes Justin, we love the Swine Witch!

The Malum said...

I just saw this post, and am heartbroken. I'd have gone all-in on this. Of course, that just means it would have been even closer to hitting the goal...

Unknown said...

@The Malum

The good news is we've relaunched and have already reached more than 200% of our goal! The campaign ends this Thursday at 9 PM CDT though, so not much time left.