Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year! Tell What You Have/Do/Make!

So I started this posting on Facebook today and it is really taking off.

So I want to continue it here.

I know so many wickedly talented and smart people. A lot of them read this blog.

So in the comments below and/or on Google+ please share what you are doing, making, selling or otherwise want people to know about. Share.  When I get back from my meetings today I'll also share some, but don't wait on me. Toot your own horn!


Jonathan Linneman said...

Hey, why not?

I've just put up my first ever item on RPGNow (it's short, and rough, but free!):

...and I have a young website (that I'm determined to focus on again) in which I attempt to chronicle the appearances of mixed-breed dogs (with the help of folks who have had breed tests performed on their canines):

Pun Isaac said...

I'm working on my first OneBookShelf release. I just finished a post about it (http://punverse.blogspot.com/2017/01/nephilim-s.html).

Anonymous said...

I am the creator of "Ghastly Affair", a historical Gothic Romance rpg set in delirious years from 1765 - 1820. The game strives to closely emulate the world of early Gothic fiction like "The Monk" and "Frankenstein", while utilizing widely-understood old-school terms and techniques. The illustrated versions of the "Ghastly Affair Player's Manual" and "Ghastly Affair Presenter's Manual" are currently available on Amazon, and I plan to expand distribution venues this year. I regularly update my blog The Engine of Oracles with new material for the game, with the current focus being on the people and places of High Society.


Unknown said...

I'm working on a wuxia RPG. I've got 11 playtest groups in various states of activity including my own. I've run games at several conventions and have three more conventions coming up.

You can read more about it at: www.explodingdice.com

Spiralbound said...

I'm working on "Potion Makers", a board game wherein players travel the land collecting alchemical ingredients to make potions in a bid to be recognised as the greatest potion maker with the winner gaining appointment as the king's new Royal Alchemist. It's a resource collection / exploration game with a few combat and competitive elements thrown in to mix it up.

The original game concept was created by my son who asked me to make a game for him just before Christmas. Like most 5 year olds, he has long since gotten distracted and moved on, but I'm going to finish it. I've intentionally built in two levels of play complexity so both little kids and "big kids" can be entertained and challenged by the game play. I'm at the play test stage now, so assuming it plays well, I'll design the finished components next.