Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday Night Videos: Burning Witches

It's Friday! It's October! Let's start some Friday Night Videos!

Since I am also doing my October Horror Movie Marathon posts I am writing these posts early to autopost.

So let's get started.

Last week I did the Hex Girls, a fake all-girl band.  Tonight lets do a real all-girl, witch-themed band.  And these women have more in common with the Ostrogoths than they do with eco-goths.

Here they are, The Burning Witches!

Jay, Romana, Laura, Larissa, Lala

They have seen some line-up changes over the years, but right now the current coven consists of lead singer Laura Guldemond, guitarist and founding member Romana Kalkuhl, bass player Jeanine "Jay" GrobLala Frischknecht on drums, and newest member Larissa Ernst on guitar.

This is the first video of the Witches I ever saw and features their former lead singer Seraina Telli (now of Dead Venus) and former guitarist Sonja "Anubis" Nusselder

After this Lead singer Laura Guldemond took over and oh does she has some energy!

And just released two weeks ago, The Circle of Five! With new Witch Larissa. 

I am looking forward to seeing some more new material with Larissa!


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