Friday, October 9, 2020

DMSGuild Witch Project: The Witch - A 5E Class

We continue this first full week of October with full witch classes from the DMSGuild.  

I grabbed this one because I rather liked the cover. Let's hope the text can live up to my expectations.  For those following, I have set up some rules for myself that you can see here.

The Witch - A 5E Class

This PDF is listed as 9 pages, but the revised PDF is actually 13. There is a cover page, but the rest is content.  Unlike many of the other products on DMSGuild this one has it's own style of layout.  In truth, it is a nice change of pace.

We get all the expected elements for a full class for 5e; level advancement charts, quick builds, as well class and spell information.  This witch is a Wisdom caster.  

A couple of things stick out.  One, this witch needs a special sort of spell focus known as a Staff of Hexes.  Without it she can't cast spells.  Also this witch has something called "Magicka" points.  So a little different than other casters.

The archetypes or subclasses for this witch are called different "Wonders"; ie "Wonder of the Grimoire", "Wonder of the Cauldron", "Wonder of Voodoo", "Curse of the Hag" (not Wonder of the Hag), "Wonder of the Hedge Witch", "Wonder of the White Witch", and "Wonder of Prophecy".  While I am not overly fond of the name I do like what they do.  I think I would have gone with "Path of the ..." myself.

The archetypes seem well balanced and thought out.  

There is a spell list, but no new spells.  There is no art, save for the cover.

This is another PWYW item with a suggestion of $2.00.

The layout is crisp and very utilitarian. It doesn't scream "Witch" to me, nor does it feel "D&D." Although it is attractive and very functional.

I certainly would try a couple of these archetypes/subclasses out.  Some interesting ideas.

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