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#AtoZChallenge2022: Q is for Queen is a Lizard

The A to Z of Conspiracy Theories Q
The A to Z of Conspiracy Theories: Q is for Queen is a Lizard

One of the strangest conspiracy theories I have ever encountered was that the Queen of England, and presumably the entire Royal Family, are in fact shape-shifting lizard people.

I first heard about this during the 1986 Illinois gubernatorial election.  There is a lot to it, but briefly A couple of candidates, called "LaRouchies" by my dad, had run on the National Democratic ticket and won some major primary wins.  Because the people were confusing them with the Illinois Democratic Party (the one that would later back future President Barrack Obama). Anyway, it caused a lot of confusion, not that it mattered, Thompson won for like the 300th time.   But it did introduce me to National Democratic founder Lydon LaRouche.    

LaRouche was, as we used to say, bat-shit crazy.  Among his other ideas (including fascism, antisemitism, and racism) he believed that the Queen of England was not just a lizard person, she was in charge of an international drug ring along with the USSR. She also had put a hit out on him.  LaRouche was a constant bogeyman in Illinois politics until his death.  I remember one time they were on the campus at UIC (the University of Illinois at Chicago) and I asked them as I walked by on my way home from work if they still thought the Queen was after them.  They got mad but I didn't stick around to talk to them. 

I later found out that this whole Queen is a shape-shift lizard person comes from professional crazy person David Icke.  Icke really is the architect of this whole Lizard person/Reptiloid/Reptilians idea so maybe I do owe him some slack. After all, I have gotten a few hits this month from his ideas. Just a quick glance I have grabbed ideas related to this for A (Ancient Aliens), E (Extraterrestrials on Earth), I (Illuminati), N (New World Order), and  O (Outer Space).

Icke might not be picking on the Queen in particular, he seems to think that anyone in power is actually a lizard person. It should be noted he is also a Holocaust denier. 

There are others that share these ideas, but they seem to stem from Icke.


Again going with the obvious choice here, but finding out local government officials are shapeshifting aliens.  The trick for Game Masters is how deep does this conspiracy go?  Is it all of them or just a fringe group of weirdoes?  Given the history I have, I am likely to go with the whack-a-doodle fringe group is really the lizard people.

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PT Dilloway said...

The royal family hasn't really had much power for a couple centuries so if lizard people were going to replicate someone, wouldn't they choose someone who actually has power?

Dino said...

This one is hilarious!

Visiting from Facing The Mountain

Joyce said...

What an interesting theme for the A-Z. I especially enjoyed the Beatles mention. That's one that really got some traction and I remember playing the album over and over trying to figure it out. Thank you for visiting my blog. You are more than welcome to hop back over and participate in the weekly Hodgepodge. It's low key and friendly. Good luck with the rest of the alphabet!

Arlee Bird said...

The Lizard People conspiracy is a new one to me. This sounds like a very delusional diversion for those who should seek better things to conspire about. The LaRouche party I've heard of. They used to have people at our local post office trying to interest other people in their ideology. I took a pamphlet once, but I was always to busy to give them my time. After all some of us have to work--or at least I was working back then.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out

Dick McGee said...

Don't see any reason you couldn't have multiple competing groups of lizard/snake/toad/fish/gator people working at cross-purposes behind the scenes, all shapeshifting or disguising themselves with psychic illusions or reptoid hypnosis or whatever. Maybe their incessant feuding results in most authority figures being replaced by different varieties of cold-blooded manipulators over time, making it even harder for human investigators to figure out what's going on since the motivations of suspect leaders change every time fish becomes frog or lizard becomes snake.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@PT Dilloway, You are assuming logic from these guys???

@Dino, I agree! Sadly some people believe this.

@Joyce, THANKS! I am running out of time today with my day job and all. But I'll stop back.

@Arlee, oh yeah. These guys are insane and the Lizard People thing has been going on for a bit. Just crazy.

@Dick McGee, I am already working on a Lizard People vs. Serpent People idea!

TWW said...

ooohhhh reminds me of that one doctor who Well done. And thanks for dropping by my page.

doccarnby said...

There was some UFO show I saw once with a British narrator that talked about this one, and it sticks in my mind because the narrator at one point declared "and we just thought she was German!"

diedre Knight said...

What an interesting and, in this case, amusing theme! The only shape-shifting lizards I've ever heard of are from the desert highlands - someone must have left the gate open ;-)

moondustwriter said...

Lizard leaders I like it. Royal shapeshifters??? Who knew.
I guess it only makes sense in a game - where things often make more SENSE. ha

Thanks for your visit Tim

messymimi said...

Conspiracy theories make me nuts. As my Bigger Girl always says, any conspiracy that goes beyond about 3-5 people always falls apart because people just can't keep their traps shut. Now i'm going to have to go back and read your other conspiracies and have a laugh or 3, although these also make me sad that people really fall for it.

Afshan Shaik said...

Queen is a 🦎 that made me laugh :) like u said these r same people who also believe in fascism racism etc...but saying that everyone in power could be a lizar d..that makes sense

Dropping by from a to z "The Pensive"

A Tarkabarka Hölgy said...

Lol, now I know where Doctor Who got all those ideas... Although I liked their lizard person better.

The Multicolored Diary

Joy said...

I remember laughing about LaRouche, from over here on the Missouri side where we could feel superior about it. Of course, we have more than our share of crazies, these days.

Joy's Book Blog

Damyanti Biswas said...

I have heard my share of conspiracy theories and secret societies that run the world from behind the scenes. I'm not sure how much of it is true. But definitely makes for an interesting story :)