Friday, April 27, 2007

Character Sheets

Ok, I added two character sheets for the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SPLAYER RPG or the GHOSTS OF ALBION RPG. They are, of course, Willow and Tara. The game takes place in what I am calling "Willow and Tara the Seires". The season long arc is "Season of the Witch" and this represents the girls at the start of the arc in 2006. Yes Tara is alive, like she should have been all along.
You can find them on my DeviantArt page here:
Anyway, just a bit of photo manip. If you play either of these games and want a blank sheet, go to I made one and posted it there,

First Post

Well, here is my first blog post. Not sure what I want to do here yet. I guess what I need is 3 blogs, one for my educational work, another for my RPG work and one more for my "nom de net" and insane ramblings. But I can barely think of what I want to put in one, let alone three. So I'll have this one for now.