Friday, October 2, 2020

October Horror Movie Challenge: The Horrible Sexy Vampire (1970, 1971)

Well.  One of the words in the title is a lie, but one is spot on.

Also known as "El Vampiro De La Autopista" this is a movie that never really knows what it wants to do.  Both titles tell us this is a Vampire film, but it is often treated (right up to the end in fact) as a mundane murder mystery.   They make a big deal of the murders happening every 28 years, but the ending does nothing to explain that.

Not to spoil it, but the movie is kind of dull, the police detective pins the murders on an escaped mental patient.  One we don't even hear about till the very end.  This is despite the fact that the murders have an obvious supernatural element to them.  How obvious?  Well, the killer is invisible.

Now under other circumstances, this might be interesting, but here it is just cheesy.

Sadly some interesting ideas lost in this Spanish "Hammer-envy" movie.

Watched: 2
New: 2

Well.  The best thing to do with this one really is to have a serial killer in your games. Everyone thinks it is a vampire, but it really just a human psychopath.  This works well in Ordinary World if all the characters are supernatural and they are worried that one of their own is going to get them exposed.

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Dick McGee said...

Borrowing a page from an old Nightlife campaign (boy, you don't hear that one talked about much any more) you could have your mundane psychopath accidentally choose a relatively weak supernatural as a victim, succeed in getting his kill, and clue into the fact that dark things are going on behind the curtain. A serial killer who decides he'd be having even more fun if he had supernatural powers and/or eternity to work with might well go stalking werewolves or vampires and the like with an eye toward obtaining their powers - no doubt with mixed results at best.