Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Majus is mine

I got a nice treat in my mail and email yesterday.

A nice perfect bound edition of Goblinoid Games Majus.  The PDF is also available from DriveThru.

Others have pointed out that this began as a Kickstarter. Layout was done they just need the art. So thus there were no stretch goals.  I think this worked in their favor.  The books and PDFs were promised by August 2013 and look at that.  On time and everything.

Honestly I think it makes a nice companion to all my Chill books.
It is also 100% compatible with Rotworld and the other books in Goblinoid Games Pacesetter line.

I am just dying to revive my old "Spirit of '76" game with this now.  I'll have to post some characters for it.

Of course given my odd sense of humor I think the first adventure I want to try is Castle Blood.

Also from (a different) Pacesetter.


Dan of Earth said...

Thanks for the mention Tim! For anyone interested in more info about Pacesetter there is a new official site: www.pacesetter.us

Note that the "other" Pacesetter (Games & Simulation) you mention is not affiliated with the original Pacesetter Ltd, and not affiliated with the current Pacesetter product line.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Dan, yes they are totally different. But I couldn't help myself! ;)