Sunday, August 25, 2013

Couple of great Utility sites

Two older sites came up for me this weekend from various places.  Thought I would share.

RPG Sheets Archive
This site goes all the way back to the RPG Host days.  I can recall going here over 10 years ago to get various sheets for games.  It was down for a while and now it seems it is back.
The site is simple.  Need a sheet for a game? Go here.
I used to just go to this site and download sheets for games I never knew about to check out their sheets.

TSR & WotC Font Usage FAQ
Ok it's really more of a list.  The only question being asked (and answered) here is "What font was that?"
This one focus mostly on the TSR side of the publications, with some 3rd edition.
It's an interesting read really.

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