Tuesday, May 30, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 5, Room 30

 With the Mummy/Captain dead, the dias rises up into a large opening in the ceiling of this vast metal structure.  The party can now see how long it is and how much of it must be buried under more stone and earth.

Room 30

The structure they are on is made of smooth metal and it has a curve to it. So a successful DEX check is needed or the players will slide off and hit the rocks below for 4d6 hp of damage.

A rope (50') is needed to descend to the cave floor.

The cave is completely filled by the metal structure.   Ahead is an open cave mouth.

There are the bones of several animals here. It the party stays longer than 1 hour they will feel the effects of the necromantic magics that are concentrated here. They will begin to loose 1 hp every hour they remain. These hp only can be regained by magical healing. The healing "wands" will not be effective.


The ship is not an impediment when the Vampire Queen was active. There are a series of small tubes and tunnels she could use in gaseous form or as a bat to ascend to the surface.

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