Monday, May 29, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 5, Room 29

 This is the command center of the whole level (ship) this is obvious to anyone.  There are "windows" on the walls and they show scenes of rooms that the players have already been too and they should easily recognize them.

Room 29

Sitting in a throne-like chair is a dedicated mummy of an Ophidian. 

The mummy gets up and approached the party. It tells the party, in a language they know, that it has been watching them and now needs them to leave its prison.  Though, it adds, it really only needs one of them.

At this point, a ray fires out from a spot on the ceiling at the party.  Everyone must save vs Death Ray. Any that fail will be held fast. They will lose 1 point of WIS per round. When they hit zero the Mummy will possess them.

The beam emitter is AC 0 (19) and can be hit with a missile weapon or spell-like magic-missile. The emitter has 20 hp. 

Attacking the mummy will keep it from possessing the characters, as will killing it. The mummy has no minions since pretty much everyone else is dead.  The mummy is so old it has 7 HD but no disease attack.

What If No One Saves? 

This is possible. But I have another six months of the dungeon to write and do. So allow at least one character to save. 


This mummy is the former captain, but that was so long ago that they don't remember much of their time before the accident. 

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