Thursday, May 4, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 5, Room 4

 There are rooms on either side of this long strange hallway, both left and right.  Taking the first room on the right.

Room 5

There are crates here that look like they are made of metal but are lighter than wood. Inside the crate are strange devices shaped like short (5.5 inches / 12 cm) cylinders.  There are three studs on the cylinder, blue, green, and red.  Pressing one of these studs causes a mist to fire out of the end opposite of the studs.

The room is otherwise empty.  There are no other exits.


This is the first of many storage areas near the shuttle bay.  This one has a crate of medical supplies.

The cylinder is a subdermal medical injection tool like a hypospray. If applied properly, bottom on bare skin and button pressed. 

  • Blue will heal 1d6+4 hp of damage (like Cure Wounds).
  • Green will cure any disease (like the spell Cure Disease)
  • Red provides a stimulant. (like the Haste spell)

Only one application per hour can be used.

There are 20 of these hyposprays in this crate, and they have 1d6+3 charges remaining.


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