Wednesday, May 3, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 5, Room 3

At then of this strange cave (shuttle bay) there is indentation that looks like a door, as the party approach it, it slides open with a "whoosh!"

Room 3

This opens up into a long hallway.  Like the previous room this one is bright with flickering lights. When the party leaves the previous room and all are in the hallway the door Whooshes shut behind them.

When that happens a spectral figure appears in front of them.  The figure is humanoid but appears to have snake-like features. It speaks to the party in its own hissing language.  

Attacks against the creature fail and undead turning does not appear to affect it. The language it is speaking is unlike anything the party has heard before.

There is nothing else in this long hallway.  There are doors ahead and on the left and right. 


The apparition is actually a holographic message. The creature is an Ophidian, or snake man, or more to point, a snake woman, but there non of the secondary sex characteristics typically associated with mammals. 

Even if the characters can speak ophidan they will not likely understand these. This is not a spaceship but a dimensional ship. These ophidians were sent to aid the ophidians of this time and place, but they miscalculated and their ship crashed.   The Ophidians of the past fought a war with the Deros and both sides lost.  The human slaves of both groups became the Grimlocks of this island.

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