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100 Days of Halloween: The Witch of Wydfield

Witch of Wydfield
A while back I downloaded the adventure The Witch of Wydfield by Brave Halfling Publishing.  It is a fun adventure and is designed for 0-level characters for Dungeon Crawl Classics. I used it as a "Session 0" with new B/X characters for the War of the Witch Queens.

I'd love to put up a review of the adventure itself, but it is no longer available from DriveThruRPG. It is however still available if you download the Map Bundle.

The Witch of Wydfield (Adventure)

PDF. 10 pages, color cover, black & white interior. 

By John Adams & Colin Chapman. Art by Steve Zieser & Mark Allen.

This is a Level 0 Adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, something they call "the funnel" it is a great idea but I used it for B/X, handing out copies of the Moldvay Basic red book to all the players.

The adventure is pretty strait forward. It is a classic Hammer Horror-style Witch Hunt. Honestly, put on Rush's Witch Hunt or The Necromancer and you have the vibe perfectly.

There is one location, the witch's cabin. The monsters are her minions. We ran it all on cold winter's afternoon and evening.  Kill the witch, save the girl, and collect the treasure.

The adventure is gritty DCC RPG which is a great start for me and this campaign.

The Witch of Wydfield (Map)

My family loves terrain, minis, and maps. So the map for this was a big incentive for them to play. I spent a Christmas afternoon printing out the maps and gluing them to cardboard. I did the outside on one side  (with flaps for secret areas) and the witch's lair on the other. Worked so fantastic that I really want to use it for something else now.

We augmented it all with some terrain my youngest 3D printed and some trees and other materials we bought from Michael's craft store. 

Witch of Woodfield

Note: If you buy the Map and Adventure bundle you do not need to buy the map alone. But the Map and Adventure bundle is the only way to get the adventure now. 

War of the Witch Queens

This was the first adventure I used for my War of the Witch Queens campaign. I knew the campaign was going to use some flavor of Basic D&D rules. 

Since this is a DCC adventure for 0-level characters I had everyone roll up three characters.  All very simple. I used the classic Moldvay Basic rules and had everyone choose Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User, or Thief at 0 level.  Once everyone got to 1st level I had them specialize into an OSE Advanced Class. My goal was to say "yes" first and then direct them to something that works.

I had everyone roll 2d6+3 for stats. Yes, that made them all rather low on their abilities, but they are also just starting. I then had them roll another 1d6 per ability (arrange as wanted) when they got to the 1st level.  This did make their abilities a touch higher than average.  I am ok with that. 

Since they were super low-level and below-average at that point I said they are all refugees from another village destroyed by terrible weather. This was of course the first "attack" of the evil witches with the Witch Queen now dead.  No queen means the more evil elements of the witchcraft world are running free.  The witch of this adventure is another such witch.

Also, I had Yulina's dying words be "the Queen is dead."  Dela the girl they saved also said this as they gave her back to her parents in the village. The phrase has come up a few more times since this adventure. 

I had plenty of copies of Moldvay Basic so everyone had one.  I used my Old-School Essentials book and my GM1a Game Master's Screen from New Big Dragon Games Unlimited.  Since one of my goals is to use as many different kinds of OSR products as I can, I think I am off to a good start. Everyone had so much fun.

The Other Side - 100 Days of Halloween

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