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100 Days of Halloween: Strange Magic

Strange Magic
I am always hesitant when I review someone else's witch classes. For starters I don't expect anyone else has put the time and frankly the ink (digital and otherwise) that I have done. I know there are others that have obsessed over their own things just a much, but I am not sure there are many that have talked about witches as much as I have.  Vince Garcia comes to mind. Malcolm Harris is another. 

This is the reason I try to follow my own rules for these reviews.  I want to be fair and I want judge on the product in front of me, not what I think should be in front of me.

This is harder when the witch class in question is designed for my favorite system B/X D&D.  But I also always hope to find something new and exciting.

Strange Magic: Character Classes

Written and art by Stuart Robertson, PDF. 6 pages, $1.  This does not included a front a cover and a back cover so it is 6 pages of content or 8 pages total.

Designed explicitly for B/X D&D and not a clone this book is designed to be printed at home.  The six classes include, Bard, Monk/Assassin, Order of Stellar Reason, Paladin/Anti-Paladin, Reverend Sisterhood, and the Witch.

Each class gets one page. The classes presented here are called "sub-classes" so the Witch is a Cleric sub-class. She would use all the same tables as the cleric does in B/X. She adds her Charisma mod to to her armor class and saving throws (so I would say an aura of protection) and can brew potions.  The other classes are similar and could be fun.

For a buck I was not expecting a lot and that is fine. There are certainly some fun ideas here and I am sure I could use them somewhere.  It certainly fits into the feel of B/X's simplicity and is similar enough to how BECMI handles "sub-classes."

No OGL, but the execution is simple enough to adapt ideas.

The Other Side - 100 Days of Halloween

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