Saturday, July 23, 2022

100 Days of Halloween: Lady of the Soil Warlock Patron

Lady of the Soil
Kicking this off with a very summery sort of "Witch." And this one is a bit different than most of my fare here.  It is a Warlock Patron for 5e warlocks and it is on, a platform I really don't use much.

The Lady of the Soil - a 5e Warlock Patron

This warlock Patron was written by Harlen Eherenman and based on the patron of Ginny Di's warlock character Aisling.  I like Ginny Di. She is super enthusiastic about all things D&D and she is a joy to watch.  Likewise, Aisling is also a very enjoyable character. I can see Aisling and Morelia the Wood Witch both making guest appearances in my War of the Witch Queens campaign as "celebrity NPCs." 

How is this product though?

Again it is on and I typically see prices much higher than I see for similar content on DriveThruRPG.  If I am using a rule of thumb of 10 cents per page at DriveThru then I should likely expect 25 cents per page here.  Sill, I am going to follow my rules for these reviews. 

This is $3.50 for four pages.  One page is for the cover and the last page is a half-page, so here we are doing $1.00 per page.  The PDF is full color.

What is included here is some background on the Lady of the Soil. What spells she grants her warlocks and what powers they gain at various levels.  There are four new invocations, but no new spells.

The cover mentions that this uses the OGL, but there is no copy of the OGL included (as required) and while there is a notice of Product Identity, there is no explicit declaration of what is being claimed.  The assumption I guess is the whole document.

Ok, it is fun, but there isn't really enough here.  This really is for the Ginny Di fans out there. Without Aisling to make this interesting there is not enough here to justify the price tag.  

Sorry. I really, really wanted to like it a lot more. 

The Other Side - 100 Days of Halloween


Dick McGee said...

Is it even remotely worth writing anything at 10 cents a page these days? It might be the norm (I've never stopped to try to do the math on a wide enough sample) but it feels like a rate that you'd only do if you don't care about your time and effort earning you anything at all - at which point why not just blog instead? Even a dollar a page barely seems worth doing in the 2022 environment unless sales on this sort of stuff are orders of magnitude more than I think they are.

Anyway, you remind me that I'm quite a bit behind on watching her vids, must fix that. The images of the Lady have never worked well for me, the "flowers as eyes" thing reminds me very unfortunately of a description of one of the parasitic aliens from Christopher Rowley's old Vang trilogy. Totally different things, but evoking thoughts of a planet-ending biological threat that puts xenomorphs and genestealers to shame clashes with even a creepy warlock patron.

And fitfully playing along with the Halloween game, here's another witch-adjacent thing from my blog:

Whether I'll make it to day three is questionable.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

10 cents is a rule of thumb and one I am thinking I need to update.
I am going to use these 100 days to figure that out.