Sunday, July 24, 2022

100 Days of Halloween: Covens

Another product. This one I discovered via Twitter while out plant shopping with my wife.  That means I was pushing the cart while high on antihistamines while she shopped.  I was able to buy it, download and read it on my phone so that was nice.

by Gabriel "Gabo" Kerr

This game is described as "about a coven of witches trying to survive in present-day small-town America."

As always, I will be following my rules for these reviews.

The PDF is four pages, with 1 for the cover and 2 1⁄4 for text. The price is $2.50, so we are still at that $1 per page average.

You work together to create a coven of witches. The game says "Small town America," but honestly, it could be anywhere. There are three stats (Power, Resources, and Influence) with five levels for each. You get five points to distribute.  

From here your coven is given a problem and you and the other players figure out how to solve it. You all add whatever scores you think will aid the problem. Roll the dice and add them up. A TN of 3 is a super easy task and one of 15 is near impossible.

And that is pretty much it.  

I like the idea and might adapt it for internal coven conflicts and drama, that might be fun. Especially since I have a rule in my games that witches can't actually harm each other, but something like this could bring a lot of fun to the table. 

The Other Side - 100 Days of Halloween

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Alec Semicognito said...

Imagine if this had come out during the Satanic Panic.