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100 Days of Halloween: 10 Witch Magic Items (PFRPG)

Moving on from the indie scene and into one of the big players in the RPG world. Pathfinder gave us a great witch class for their 1st Edition game (and 2nd Edition too) and there was plenty of 3rd party support for it. Here is one of many of those products.

As always I will be following my rules for these reviews.

10 Witch Magic Items

What it says on the label. 

PDF. 11 pages, $0.99. Color art throughout.

This PDF is 11 pages, but one is for the cover, one for the title, one for the OGL, and two for ads. This gives us five pages of content.  

Inside are 10 items of various levels of power.

  • Opportunistic Hex weapon special ability (inflicts an offensive hex as part of an attack of opportunity, and reminds folks why they fear witches!)
  • Amulet of the Witch (Use a hex as a swift action and take your foes by surprise without wasting an action.)
  • Boots of the Beldam (When someone looks away you disappear, maintaining your air of the mysterious mistress of the dark arts)
  • Circlet of the Crone (Gain or enhance three of the witch's most vile hexes and maintain that sinister reputation that witches possess.)
  • Familiar Figurine (Your familiar can become a figurine of wondrous power and become an animal companion for a short time, and show why a familiar is so important to a witch.)
  • Habiliment of the Harridan (Inflict a curse upon a creature that fails a save against your spells, adding an additional effect without losing an action.)
  • Patron’s Sark (Make it easier to enhance your patron spells with metamagic feats, and show off the value of your patron over other forms of spellcasting)
  • Ring of the Virago (Use your spirit to take control of any other creature with the help of your familiar, and remind folks why you have such a sinister reputation.)
  • Talon Gloves (Your nails become dangerous weapons, more so if you already possess that hex, giving you a weapon on par with the warrior’s mightiest sword).
  • "The Fragment of Witchery" Legacy Item (Let your magic item level up with you, and provide you with a reason why the world around you will suffer a witch to live!)

So it kind of packs a punch really and really keyed to the Pathfinder witch class. I would certainly try to convert any or all of these for use with other witches I have made and I think I can find a place for them in my War of the Witch Queens campaign.

I have to admit I do love seeing Waterhouse's "The Magic Circle" as the cover. I used the same one for the cover of The Witch

The Other Side - 100 Days of Halloween

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