Friday, September 10, 2021

Where I Stand

Lots of talk about lists. Red ones, Green ones, Yellow.  Talk about Neutral zones or somesuch.

While it should be obvious I'll restate it for those in the back.

Statement by The Other Side

Adjust your buying preferences accordingly. 


JB said...

Okay, I'm stymied by this post. Lists? What lists? Can I get a list of these lists?

[apologies for my ignorance]

Um...regarding your stand on BLM, human rights, support for queer folk, etc. I'm double-thumbs up. I'm not sure my politics inform what games I play, nor even the way in which I play them. But I try not to make people unreasonably uncomfortable.

JB said...

Oh, never mind. A quick google search figured it out.

Sheesh. What a crapshow.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

No need for apologies here. And yes. A shitshow.

Nathan Irving said...

I sort of accidentally backed into knowing about that embarrassment. To be clear, I agree with you all the way. Let people be themselves; understand that other people have different experiences and realities. Don't make things worse for other people.

Hugh said...

Very much agree with the statement and practise. I couldn't find this month's feces-show with a search. What on earth is up now?