Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Six Million Hits Man

At some point earlier this morning I hit a new milestone; 6 Million hits.

6 Million Hits

I was not expecting this until sometime tomorrow.   I had some ideas planned for posts, but they were fairly vain navel-gazing, and self-aggrandizing. So instead let me just thank everyone for coming back all these years and reading my strange little corner of the internet.

Still, it is a nice milestone to hit. 


Tim Knight said...

Congratulations! As a blogger you're doing everything right IMHO: regular posts, continuity, consistency, quality articles, and you CREATE as well. It's no wonder people continue to flock to The Other Side... and no doubt will continue to do so.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Thanks Tim! I really appreciate that.
Of course, I also look up to Hero Press to cover all the things I don't, like Superheroes and more movies. Between us both we got Geekdom covered.

Tim Knight said...

Thank you, that's most kind.

I do wish I had your focus though ;-)

Even my "hit tally" is a bit botched and kludged together 'cos I messed around with the HeroPress URL back in the day - meaning I now patch together hits from my original site with the hits I've achieved on my current site (for an unofficial total of around 7.3 million in 15 years).

JB said...

Wow. That's pretty huge, Tim. Congrats!
: )