Friday, September 24, 2021

Kickstart Your Weekend: ANKUR - Kingdom of the gods TTRPG 2E

Ok. So I did find a Kickstarter that interested me.

ANKUR - Kingdom of the gods TTRPG 2E


Honestly, it looks like my sort of jam.  In particular, it would be great for some other things I have planned.

Only 6 days left!


Konsumterra said...

i did a long review of this
for its genre it is very clever and well done

I'm increasingly choking about the bad effects of racist fake archaeologist Zachariah sitchin who if the granddaddy of ufo astronaut theories that has done lots of harm and this game is pretty faithful to those works. So I'm torn between fun fantasy and the equivalent of anti-vaxxers in a field I studied that rots history groups online

Timothy S. Brannan said...

You have a lot of great points here. It is also something I am going to come back to in my Part 4 of One Man's God: Syncretism.