Friday, July 6, 2012

You Know Something?

I had forgotten how much fun I had with D&D 4th Edition.

The kids are in bed, the wife is out seeing "Magic Mike" and I am sorting through my D&D4 collection.

I know it gets beat up a lot, especially in the OSR blog-universe, but you know what? It is still fun to play and reading it there is a lot of nods to the older editions and a lot of love.  They just wanted to do their own thing.

I am really, really pleased that this is the system my son picked for his group.


Rhonin84 said...


Right now if you remember right things are going to go smoothly. IT does not handle the level progression to power progression well, imho.

I'm glad the kids are enjoying it, but don't change too much of the rules because you have new kids learning they need to see it all BEFORE you change something.

This is important as they go on and move away from the you know with the older editions you could tweak things and there wasn't much of an 4th trying that can bring some really bad times to the table.

BlUsKrEEm said...

It's good to see someone else out there can appreciate Old school games and 4th ed. BECMI and X-plorers are my systems of choice, but I'll never turn down a 4th ed game (and it's definitely my wife's fave game.)

PS: As a serial home brewer, I can't comprehend how changing things in 4th is any worse then 3rd or 1st...

Anonymous said...

I don't see the need to rant about hating this edition or that rules system. I don't get why a mate of mine doesn't like dark chocolate, but there's no need to go on about it. When gamers are together in person they seem to talk more about the cool games and stories rather than what edition they played.

I'm glad you can tell the world that you like 4E. So does my friend who doesn't like dark chocolate.

Digital Orc said...

Ha! My wife and her friends went to see it and I stayed home working on a Cyberpunk 2020 read-through.

Cross Planes said...

I played 4E for the first time since PHB 2 for 4E came out. I'm impressed how much thought went into options over firepower has gone into late 4E design. It seems that 4E customers feel left out over what we've seen of 5E, but I think there's more of it at work.

I will say that I think the 11 year olds in our games like 4E over Pathfinder and I can see why.

I think Pathfinder should look at an "At Will" spellcaster like the 3.5's Warlock or Dragonfire Adept.

Philo Pharynx said...

I've found that a certain mindset makes for great 4e players. I'm in a game with a mechanical engineer, a physics teacher and a guy who used to fix nuclear missiles in the air force. I do technical support for water analysis equipment. I think that people who have a technical background like the rigorous nature of the rules over game systems with more gray areas.

@Mark Craddock, I could see two ways about this - 1) 3.5 and pathefinder are close enough that you could port over either class without too much issues. 2) I could also see a feat or class feature to make a first level spell into an at-will.