Thursday, July 26, 2012

Art Sale!

So I am taking advantage of the DriveThruRPG Christmas in July sale and buying up a bunch of art for all my upcoming projects.

I figured you all might like to see some of them.  This is not everything mind you, nor will everything listed here get used.  But I thought it might be fun to share.

If you want to see what they look like and what I said, just click the link.  I liked most of these.  Or rather I reviewed the ones I liked the most and listed them all here.    I just hope I make enough on my books to pay for my shopping spree! ;)


Clipart Critters 220 - Live, Dead, Girls
Cerberus Stock Art - The Next Decade of Fantasy: Volume 1
Horror figures and clipart 2
Fantasy Clip Inks:: Spot Art set 1
Fantasy Clip Inks:: Spot Art set 2
Fantasy Clip Inks:: Spot Art set 3
Clipart Critters 210 - Studying Wizard
AoV: Fantasy Art (Reflections of Voldaria)
StockArt Covers: Leather Bound Book IX
Stock Art: Sketches #1
Standard Stock Art: Issue 6 - Vile Beasts
Barbarian Princess Art Pack
Clipart Critters 197 - Demonic Pact
Call of the Moon Half-Elven Art Pack
Stock Art: Dragons
Standard Stock Art: 9 Fantasy Portraits
Fae Folk Stock Art Pack
Dawnbreaker Stock Art Pack
Clipart Critters 148 - Squid Face
Stone Lizard - Stock art
TobyArt 1: War Priests
Clipart Critters 163 - Dragon Woman
Nathan Winburn Illustration: Dark Fantasy Vol. One Stock Art
Clipart Critters 150 - Elven Harem Girl
Inkwell Stock Art: Skeletal Dragon
Stock Art: Forlarren Sorceress
XXX vampires stock pack
Stock Art: Magical Cat
Stock Art: Evil Tree
Inkwell Stock Art: Dragon, Blue
Inkwell Stock Art: Female Vampire

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