Monday, July 30, 2012

OSR Monster project

Re-blogging this from Rended Press.
As of today, the OSR OGL BLOGOSPHERE MONSTERS PROJECT has 26 entries.

I'll close the file sometime during the afternoon of August 1.

Remember: This is open to any creature you've posted on your blog at any point in 2012!

So come on, people. Do the cut & paste!

Note: Please only share material that you feel comfortable appearing in a half-assed, crazy, DIY fan compilation.
I have sent a couple of monsters in.   It would be nice to see some more!


Alex Schroeder said...

Reminds me of the Old School Monsters Wiki started by Gavin:

Matthew Schmeer said...

@Tim: thanks for reposting to spread the word.

@Aled: Holy cow! That is a great link. I didn't know that existed!

Of course, the difference is that I'm going to compile this as a PDF for download. Wikis have their charms, but I like being able to have a collection I can print out and put in a binder.

But that wiki is SWEET! I'm definitely bookmarking it.