Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rufus and Burne for D&D 4 Essentials

After the success of Morgan Ironwolf, Aleena, and Emirikol the Chaotic, I figured I should do some more updated characters.  And who better than Hommlet's very own Rufus and Burne.

There has been a 4e update to Village of Hommlet and thanks to a kind soul I now have their copy. But oddly enough I did not find Rufus and Burne stated up.
I went with their base stats in the 1st Ed AD&D T1 Village of Hommlet, so in D&D4 terms they are a bit under powered, though Burne has a lot more spells now.  All in all using Essentials is a snap.  I had just re-read my Moldvay Basic book earlier in the evening for something else and I have to say that while the mechanics of making characters has changed, the feel of it has not.

Here they are, the somewhat greedy, a little lazy, maybe a little grumpy, and  very likely to be lovers, Rufus the Fighter and "His Most Worshipful Mage of Hommlet" Burne the Wizard.



Like I said I kept their original stats and even had Rufus buy a Holy Symbol of St. Cuthbert (although the Church of St. Cuthbert is now a Temple to Pelor in the new 4th Ed module).

If I run 4e VoH then I'll certainly have these two show up.  Yes, pink chain mail and blue and yellow smurf hat and all.


Unknown said...

A) you have the sheets labeled backwards...

B) They both seem to be massively underpowered compared to the 4e PCs I'm used to seeing my group put together. Ran Rufus through the combat sim spreadsheet and he would often have his butt handed to him. Granted, the objective isn't to have them fight the party, but still...

C) This makes me want to pick up Essentials, even though I'm still boycotting WotC for the PDF gaffe of a few years ago.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

They are underpowered. I went with their stats in T1 and that still left me with 4 more points to reallocate and I didn't do any of the ability increases for being human or for leveling.

I switched the names. ;)

I get why WotC pulled the PDFs, that doesn't mean I like it, but I do understand it.

Rhonin84 said...

I can see the fun in this but I am still not a believer in this. As you well know I have played a lot of 4th edition but to say that making characters is the same as Moldvay....Tim I am disappointed.

Make a Basic character and you are done, with a 4th ed character you need to have a page for the powers...or you will destroy your book looking back and forth. It's nice to just write them down another to make the sheet useful for a character.

I am buying all the essential line because of my addiction but not sure I will be playing it anytime soon.