Sunday, October 10, 2010

Games Plus Auction Haul, part 2: Back to Basics

So I went back for a another round at Games Plus last night and I am SOOO glad I did.

Here is my second, but smaller haul.

So FINALLY a Mentzer boxed Basic set, complete with both books (in mint shape) and dice, still in the bag with a crayon.  Second Ed Vampire the Masquerade (that I got for 1 buck), and the "new" D&D Basic game; which if it came out today would send people into paroxysms of bitching about how it was too much like a board game (it comes with paper figures and poster map dungeon).  I got it for 2 bucks.

Now I think my Basics Sets are complete.

All are in pretty good shape too.

Of course I have to do this:

Here is part of my collection now.

My D&D "Core" collection all together.  Yeah I have 2 Holmes set, one is in sorta sad condition though. And yes D&D4 is on the next shelf over.

I have a lot of gaming to do!


christian said...

Very nice! What's in all those binders?

Brutorz Bill said...

Nice collection!

Timothy S. Brannan said...


mostly characters and npcs. Also a few books I am working on and in a couple of cases printed PDFs.

That's only my D&D core, my Horror collection is much larger and I have other shelves of others games; supers, sci-fi and the like.

I had lost a bunch of my old D&D 1st and 2nd books and sold off a ton of 3rd ed when 4th ed came out.

x said...

YES! Someone who understands the 'binder theory' :)

I never had any luck with the post-it method of labeling but a roll of masking tape makes a nice long Sharpie friendly surface that can be peeled off when you need to expand :)

Havard: said...

I'm jealous! :)

Digital Orc said...

Nice collection! Aside from your post-its, how do you organize your books and projects?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@Dylan and AD&D Grognard:

I'll post something soon on my binder use.