Tuesday, October 19, 2010

15 Games that Inspired Me

Doing that blog-o-sphere thing again.  I am listing the 15 games that had the most influence on me a player, game master and a game designer.
  1. AD&D 1st Ed.  (credit where credit is due)
  2. Moldvay Basic D&D (toss up which one influenced me more, this of AD&D)
  3. C. J. Carella's WitchCraft (THE modern horror game)
  4. Ghosts of Albion (fairly obvious I think)
  5. D&D 3.0/d20 (a revolution in game design and publishing. Gave birth to the entire OSR)
  6. Chill (showed me there was more to RPGS than just killing monsters in dungeons)
  7. Traveller (opened up new worlds to me)
  8. Star Frontiers (the Sci-Fi game I played the longest)
  9. D&D 4 (sacred cows make for tasty burgers)
  10. Vampire the Masquerade (sometimes you get to be the monster)
  11. Call of Cthulhu (despite playing it in the 80's it was not till the 90's that I figured out how good it is)
  12. Mutants and Masterminds (showed more than any other game that the OGL was working)
  13. Shadowrun
  14. Paranoia (Role-playing should be about fun too)
  15. The OSR (I am lumping them all together since they inspired me to go back and look at the games I played ina  new light)

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Narmer said...

7. Traveller (opened up new worlds to me)

I like that!