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Back in the Spring/Summer of 2001 I started up a new game.  I had just purchased the WitchCraft RPG core about 16 months prior and I was looking for something new.  That something came to me in the guise of Willow and Tara.  I had been watching Buffy for a bit and I really enjoyed the character of Willow.  When she got together with fellow witch Tara I thought they were perfect.  I had become very involved in the online Willow/Tara fandom so I created a game, focusing on just them.

The trickiest part of developing game stats of any fictional character that belongs to someone else is knowing how to strike a balance between the game's rules and the fictional pottrayal. A lot of "artisitc" license needs to be used in order to get a good fit. For example, how do you determine what some one's strength is when there is little to no on screen evidence? What spells would the girls have?

In the end I decided to play it a little loose, but I love where these stats ended up.  In many ways this is who Willow and Tara are to me, not the characters on TV or comics, but the ones that were my characters since that day back in May 2001 that I decided they needed their own chance to shine.

After this I went on to work on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG.  It should be no suprise then that the Willow and Tara stats that appear there are not that much different than my own.  I can be quite vocal in play tests.

Of course the show took a turn into suck, but the game remained.  It was converted over to the Buffy system, and then eventually the Ghosts of Albion system.  Willow and Tara are as much a part of Ghosts of Albion as William and Tamara are (there is a relationship there too).  This work also allowed me to meet, work with and remain friends with Christopher Golden and Amber Benson.

Not too bad for a little game focusing on two girls that happen to be witches and in love with each other.

Since that time I have also tried to convert the girls to a number of systems, each in hope to see how they manifest and how well does that system do to match my style of modern supernatural horror role-playing.  I will detail all that in future posts. Each one advances the girls through the various campaigns / seasons they have gone through.  "The Dragon and the Phoenix", where Tara is returned to life and a central figure in the season long arc in an alternate Season 7.  "Season of the Witch", where Willow, Tara and Tara's father must solve a 25-year-old mystery that effects everyone's future and "Generation HEX" where the next generation is raised after the Earth-changing events of SotW.

Conversions to other systems/games

Vampire Tara (cause Vampire Willow needs love too)


Season 1: The Dragon and the Phoenix

Season 2: Season of the Witch (the "REAL" Buffy Season 8 as far as I am concerned)

Season 3: Generation HEX
  • Episode 1: We Could be Heroes
  • Episode 2: Just Like a Pill
  • Episode 3: Ghost in the Machine
  • Episode 4: Pygmalion
  • Episode 5: Hell is for Children

Builds by others (links off-site)

Liath and Bodhmall
Willow and Tara's past lives in Celtic Ireland.  And the foster mothers of Finn MacCool.
I introduce them in the very first Buffy RPG adventure, The Dark Druid. I expanded their background in Episode 5 of The Dragon and the Phoenix and again in Episode 11 of Season of the Witch.

HeroForge Minis
I created some Willow & Tara minis at HeroForge.  They came out great!

Here some other Willow and Tara sites on the web.

Other Links
Other links to the characters themselves.