Friday, November 10, 2023

Friday Sci-Fi interlude

 I interrupt this non-stop talk of Gods and Monsters to look towards some sci-fi ideas I have been playing around with.

The FASA Star Trek Facebook Group has been a huge source of ideas lately.  

Poster Greg Price had some uniform ideas that would be perfect for my Trek games set between the TOS movie area and the Next Generation. This would cover my Star Trek: Mercy (2295) and Star Trek: BlackStar (2352).

Star Trek Uniforms

Star Trek Uniforms

Star Trek Uniforms

Star Trek Uniforms

They work rather great to be honest.

Kevin McCaig in the same group, also shared his HeroForge Klingons.  They look like tweaks to the Klingon design floating around the HeroForge groups a bit back. They look great.



Speaking of Star Trek: Mercy. I just learned, or re-learned, that there was a short-lived TV series called "Mercy Point."  IT was on the UPN back in 1998 to 1999. I am sure I saw it advertised, but never watched it. My wife and I were expecting our first born at that time and we were a little distracted by all the work we needed to do before he was born.

But anyway the show takes place on a hospital space station ("Mercy Point"), it was a medical drama in space, in the future. Or pretty much everything I am thinking of doing with my own ST: Mercy. It even takes place in 2249, so a few years before my games.

I'd like to watch it, but it doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere I could find.

Doctor Who: The Lost Children of Time

The 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who is less than two weeks away now. I am quite excited.  

Completely unrelated to that my wife and I just COVID binge-watched Bodies on Netflix. It was a fun little time travel show that reminded us both a little of Dark.

I won't spoil the ending for you, but suffice to say there is a character at the end who is someplace she should not be, time-wise.  This reminded me again of Dark where there two characters disappear due the paradox falling in on itself.  

This got me thinking about a Doctor Who adventure.  Something I am calling, The Lost Children of Time.  In it these various people find themselves together despite the fact that they should not even exist at all. I figure I'll find a few others, maybe even grab one of the characters from Manifest! (my wife and I like to mock that show, but we watched every damn episode.)

Might make for a silly-fun Convention game with the right people. 

Back to Gods and Monsters here in a bit.


Dick McGee said...

A ten second search turns up at least the first episode of Mercy Point on Youtube. Probably illegally uploaded, but that's hardly unusual over there. I'd do more digging but I refuse to use the service now that they're demanding we disable adblocks, which is an absolute NO to me.

Dick McGee said...

Oh, and if you somehow haven't read them already, James White's Sector General stories are going to be better scifi medical mystery diagnosis than anything TV can offer. Viehl's Stardoc books aren't as good, but still quite readable. Same goes for Leinster's Med Ship stories.

PT Dilloway said...

I really like those uniforms. Maybe because I watched the original series movies really before the TV show I always liked those red uniforms with the turtlenecks. Thinking about it, I wonder if they changed from the color-coded shirts to the red jackets because it was cheaper that way? Then they just had to make a bunch of red jackets and maybe change the piping a little. Then just buy different turtleneck colors, which was probably easier.

Anyway, a Star Trek medical series would be pretty neat. MASH or ER only with Star Trek! As long as it's not Grey's Anatomy meets Star Trek. I suppose they'd want to have some established character as part of it. Since it's between TOS/TNG maybe it could have an older Chapel or a young Crusher or Pulaski?