Wednesday, November 1, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 11, Room 1

 Opening the large iron doors from Level 10, the party walks through an open expanse. In front of them is a large stone archway flanked on either side by two large gargoyles (the mundane sort) with burning braziers at their feet. When the party gets close, the braziers alight. The gargoyles then recite the following:

In shadows deep, where bravery has led,
Adventurers with hearts of courage bred,
Before you lies a path of chilling dread,
The Labyrinth of Terror, where fear's thread.

You've ventured far, your courage on display,
With every step, you've faced the darkest fray,
But now, heed well the words I must convey,
For in this maze, only the strongest may.

The Vampire Queen, her power bound in night,
Within these walls, she plots her vile delight,
Turn back, dear souls, before the fading light,
For wisdom now demands you take your flight.

The bravest, strongest, wisest shall endure,
In this dread maze, where terrors still obscure,
In unity, your fate you must secure,
Or face the Queen, with darkness to ensure.

The party stands before the entrance to the Labyrinth of Terror.

The walls are made of a uniform gray stone that seems to move with distorted faces out of the corner of the eye. Looking at them directly though shows only gray stone. The hallways are 25 ft apart, the ceiling is 50ft high. The walls run from the floor to the ceiling. The walls can't be broken down. Any damage appears to repair itself once the party looks away.


This month will the Labyrinth of Terror. Instead of a series of rooms there are marked encounter areas the party may or may not find. I'll detail each encounter area.

Here are the Encounter Areas.

LoT: Encounters

Monsters are tied to their areas by magical compulsion. Suitable prey and food is teleported in from parts (and persons) unknown. They are under a curse so they never age.

And this is the correct path out.

LoT: Solution


Stephen Wendell said...

Awesome that you're still at it, Tim!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I am too stubborn to quit!