Tuesday, April 4, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 4, Room 4

 Going back to Room #2, and taking the tunnel on the left (now on the character's right) takes them down another tunnel.

This tunnel is long and makes a lot of turns.  It opens into a very large cave. There is a glowing portal near the far wall near the ceiling.  Out of the portal a bunch of flying figures.

These are tiny Dragonettes (2+2 HD, attacks #3, (claw, claw, bite) 1d3+!/1d3+1/1d6+1 + Breath Weapon.  Their breath weapon is a puff of hot smoke that is mildly irritating causing 1d4 hp of damage or half on a save. 

They fly in and eat a pile of Rot Grubs feasting on the corpse of a goblin.

If the characters ignore the Dragonettes they will eat the grubs and fly off.  If the characters approach the grubs they will be attacked and there is a chance the rot grubs will also attack.

There is a small stream that runs through this cave. It comes from a waterfall and flows into a hole in the ground. The water is dark, cold and has a sulfury taste, but it is otherwise fine.  There are blind fish in the stream the characters can try to catch. If they are using spears to get fish then the fish have AC 4.

It will take the PCs a couple of hours to fully investigate this cave, party due to its size and complexity of the terrain.  They cant reach the portal, there are no rocks near enough and the stream is not deep enough.

Note: Tonight's visual was created using Stable Diffusion XL from NightCafe.

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