Saturday, April 15, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 4, Room 15

This tunnel in the back and to the right of Room 14 leads to long hallway. This goes some 50' and then splits to the left and to the right.  

Going right, the corridor straightens out and opens to a carved out room glowing with eldritch light.

orc ghouls

Inside are Seven (7) Ghouls.  The ghouls appear to be orc-like in appearance.

These ghouls are worshiping around a giant idol of a demon. When the party enters, the ghouls will stop their chanting. At this point it will come down to initiative.

The Ghouls have 3* HD instead of the normal 2 HD. In fact, they are not even aware they are ghouls; they still think of themselves as living orcs.  The paralysis WILL affect elves.

These orc-ghouls have an extra Treasure Type C as a group. 

There is a secret door underneath the idol that leads to Level 5.

(I will detail that next month)

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