Saturday, June 13, 2020

Happy Birthday to Me, BECMI style

Today is my birthday!  For me back in Jr. High and beyond that meant playing D&D in the summer.
Well, I still get to do that with my kids, but this birthday I treated myself to something special.

Yes, it took me nearly 40 years, but I finally picked up the BECMI Companion Rules.

I have been going over the PDFs for my BECMI month and Companion week coming up on Monday. But let's be honest, nothing is better than a physical book.

The box was in rough shape, but the books inside are great.

I paid...well more than I care to admit...for these, but to get this vital part of my BECMI collection, to get it now AND for my birthday made it worth every penny.   The box damage is no big deal given all that.

I can say that at least my collection of BECMI rule books is now complete.

I do not have boxes for the Expert or Immortals set and that is fine really.  I am sure I can score an Expert set box somewhere.  Though my Masters and Immortals are both water-damaged so new ones would be nice.

Looking forward to my campaign that will use this system.  More on that later this month!


Gothridge Manor said...

Happy birthday! And what a great gift. Here's to many more years and games!

JB said...

Happy birthday! I’ve gotten a LOT of mileage out of Mentzer’s Companion set over the years. Many of the monsters and treasures of the game made it into our AD&D game as kids. Of all the BECMI sets, it is the one I have the most love for (Expert is #2, mainly due to the artwork. Basic is way, waaay back of the pack).

Of all Mentzer’s work over the years, the BECMI Companion set was his tour de force.

JB said...

In my opinion (of course).

Lance Duncan said...

I would consider that box to be in great shape. Before I threw out (foolishly) all the boxes for BECMI when I took over my dad's D&D collection, they were literally falling apart, the boxes where smushed, and we had taped over the corners and edges innumerable times. Well, that's not completely true, the Immortal box was still like new and the expert box was in about the same shape as your box shown here. So yeah, consider yourself lucky to even get an intact box.