Saturday, June 20, 2020

GAZ 3 The Principalities of Glantri Print on Demand

BECMI Month continues here at The Other Side with an early Father's Day gift for me.

The Principalities of Glantri, Print on Demand version.

I reviewed the PDF and my original print version some time ago, so if you want to check that out it is here.

The PoD is fantastic really, and great to have since this is the one Gazetteer that sees the most use out of all my Basic-era books.

My original signed by Bruce Heard.

The original Gaz 3 cost $8.95 back in 1987.  This one set me back $7.66. 

Yeah, no shipping since it is part of a multi-shipment.  Part two should be here next week. I hope so, I have a lot to say about that one.

The maps are attached to the spine, so not as useful as they could be, but getting the PDF is part of the PoD, so I can always print them out if I don't want to use my originals. 

For the price being able to put up my original and have one I can use daily if needed is a steal really.

Each PoD has been getting better and better. This one seems to be best so far.


John said...

Looks amazing. I was just musing whether OBS would start POD for the earlier Moldvay books - it's encouraging books like GAZ 3 are available in POD. Although I wonder if settings, sourcebooks, and dungeons will get the POD treatment, but not rulebooks.

Dick McGee said...

Boy, that's some nostalgia gold there.

JB said...

Wow...that does look pretty good.

The sheer amount of work that went into the BECMI line, especially including the Gazeteers, is simply amazing. Much as they fail to "turn my crank" these days, TSR really was putting out something for everyone...I mean, if you couldn't find SOMEthing you liked in one of these (or more than one), I could see pulling your "D&D" card!

Glantri was definitely filled with a lot of "stuff," and I used quite a bit of it during the early 2000s in my "born again BECMI" phase.

Baron Greystone said...

Glantri would get the most use at my table too, but I'd hold out for hardcover. That would last and last.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

They are not likely to make this into a hardcover, so if you want it this is the one.