Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Building a 5e Warlock

I have been playing around a little (very little really) with the Warlocks in 5e.  My son has made one and I have two that I started but have not gotten back too.

Though I like what I have played with so far.  The 5e Warlock is a nice mix of the 4e Warlock and even a little bit of the 4e Witch.

Concept wise I can build a number of "witch like" characters and can build a number of other sorts of warlocks and witches.  Again, the class is so nicely set-up that their is no real need for me to build a witch for 5e.

I have a couple more experiments with the 5e warlock to try out, but so far so good.

This video came up in my feeds as something that I would like and you know what, I did.
It is too simple for anyone reading this blog, but still a nice walk through.


Rich Howard said...

I was under the impression that Dex only adds to the damage on certain melee weapons, not ranged, which would balance out the 'also AC' issue, since Str adds to attack and damage on all melee and thrown weapons.

Rich Howard said...

Oops, forgot I was still on your blog, but maybe you can address the question anyway.

I haven't looked at the warlock in detail, so skimming through this video is a great overview. I'm really looking forward to getting 5th on the table. I think it's telling that you don't feel like you need to create a separate witch class for 5th.