Monday, September 15, 2014

October is coming

Well it is getting down in temperature here and my thoughts are turning to October.

October is usually a busy time around here. both here at home and at The Other Side.

This October I am planning to participate in two blogfests.

Horror Movie Challenge
As normal I am going to participate in the October Horror Movie Challenge hosted by Krell Laboratories.
To add a little extra challenge to my challenge I am only watching vampire themed movies this year.

Witches in Fiction
I am also participating in Magaly Guerrero's Witches in Fiction blogfest.

This is an opportunity to complete some bit of witch related fiction that has been languishing on my hard drive or brain.   The challenge here is what NOT to do!  I have so much to choose from.

I am looking forward to both of these.


faoladh said...

Not very related: I'll just leave this here, shall I?

Timothy S. Brannan said...

not related, but appreciated. You almost could have posted this as a spoiler to my saturday post!

JB said...

@ Tim:

Huh. That Blooming Howls deal looks pretty cool. Very cool indeed.

@ Faol:

Awesome stuff.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

@JB, maybe you could do something for it as well. You have a lot of content that would work as well.