Tuesday, June 11, 2013

OSR Specific Publishers?

Hey all!

I am working on a few side projects and it dawned on me that I am not 100% certain who all the players are in the OSR publishing biz.

Sure I know the big names. Even some of the smaller names.  But who else is there?

In particular I was looking for the smaller publishers to see what they are doing.  Maybe even feature a couple now and then here.

So. Who are you?  What do you sell?  If you are a small publisher then let me (and everyone else) know!!


Unknown said...

Hello Tim, thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers. Vanquishing Leviathan LLC is a hobbyist OSR publishing company. We've previously published the now "infamous" OSRIC Player's Guide ;^), and have just released the Swords & Six-Siders boxed set - a simple, streamlined, 1d6 version of the original fantasy game.

The rules for Swords & Six-Siders can be downloaded for free at my site: www.vanquishingleviathan.com

Future projects will probably include adventures and supplements for S&SS and for the more common clones, too.

Doctor Futurity said...

I've published a few OSR books under my label, "Zodiac Gods Publishing," including First Edition Skills, The Rising Dark setting for S&W, a C&C-friendly campaign book, and an OSR conversion book for an otherwise modern rules setting of mine. I may do more soon, with a focus on B/X D&D and LL.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Awesome! Thanks so much guys!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Do a Google search, too. You'd probably be surprised how many are out there. There are also several sites that list publishers and their genres.

Konsumterra said...

two things slowed my projects - one editing, two artist but hope to be in club with pro looking gamer pdf/zines in 60 days somehow - was it you who offered gamer proofing? Also considering legal issues has made me re do some things and i will hunt advice on if bothering with typical license