Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do you Remember This?

Do you remember this ad?

Pretty much sums up popular culture's romance with S&S.

So how many of you cut that ad out of Playboy er Popular Science and taped it to a folder?
Better yet, who among you based a character on her.

ETA my contribution:

Made around 85 or 86.


Unknown said...

I will admit to wanting to order the poster of that ad. I will also admit to creating an NPC in a DragonQuest game based on her.

Charlie Warren said...

My buddy Jamie had a female warrior that he was looking for something to serve as her illustration. He stumbled onto that picture and you know the rest.

WQRobb said...

Definitely recognized her.

J E Fritz said...

Ag, that armor does not look like it would work well.

I think my brother used to have that picture, too.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

The armor is not even remotely practical. But neither is riding a polar bear.

faoladh said...

And neither is that sword.

I actually don't remember that ad, though I probably did see it at some point.

Anonymous said...

This ad is responsible for the number of dead nazi shots I still consume today.

Dennis Laffey said...

A couple years ago I photoshopped out the bottle of booze to use the picture on a DM screen.

Never got around to making that screen. Maybe I should get back to work on it.

Matthew Schmeer said...

I admit to cutting it of the magazine and posting it on my wall. I would have loved a poster. Still would.

Matthew Schmeer said...

Check out the other variation!

Matthew Schmeer said...

And check these, out, too:

The Golden Compass vs. Rumple Minze

Narnia vs. Rumple Minze

Valerie said...

Makes me want to drink alcohol. Like subliminal messaging.