Monday, June 10, 2013

Basic D&D + Xacto Knife!

One of the things I always found interesting was that the Moldvay Basic and Cook Expert books were 3-hole punched.   The idea was to cut up your rule books and then re-assemble them in a binder.

While I liked this idea and thought I would do it once the Companion rules came out, I never could bring myself to cut up my rulebooks.

Now with the Basic and Expert books out on PDF I might print them up and do this.

Did anyone do this back in the day? How did it work out for you?


David Baymiller said...

I have multiple copies and I've never been tempted to do that with my books. I like them they way they are and they take up less space. PDF printed: sure, but I do that with all printed materials so it's a non-issue for me really. I just can't imagine mutilating my books.

Unknown said...

Oh I have wanted to do that many times, even with the beat up copies I own.

sevenbastard said...

I think a solid cut and paste mash up of the two books would be a great idea.

merge the spells, monsters, and other duplicate sections together to get a one book system.

I don't need reprints (i have multiples of each) I need them merged, and am to lazy to go "publisher + PDF screen shots".

let us know how it goes.

New Big Dragon said...

I cut my basic rule book apart in 1982 and immediately regretted it. So much so that I had planned to cut up the expert book right behind it but didn't. I never stopped regretting it until last year when I stumbled across a decently priced intact replacement copy. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all those loose-ass pages from the original.

Hedgehobbit said...

I cut my books up back in the day but it didn't really work. Because of the binding, the holes in the very center pages are way too close to the edges of the paper. They just ripped right out of the binder. I had to take the stack of pages to a two-sided photo copier. I still use that copy today.