Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

My big birthday weekend is coming to an end and it was a blast.

Finally leveled up in Pathfinder yesterday! Yeah!  We are all still making tweaks to our characters which is to be expected. Still enjoying this game but there are some minor rules tweaks we are still getting used to after 3.5 and 4.0.  I am also playing a Paladin.  Something I have not done in maybe 20 years or more, so I have to get used to being a front line fighter again and not the sneaky arcane type that fires magical bolts from the background.  So I have combat tactics to read up on.

New Games
Got Dresden Files.  Wow that is a good looking book, can't wait till the dead tree version is out.  Great stuff and I love the city creation guidelines and it does have one of the most detailed character creation systems I have seen.  I am not sure if I will like it as a game yet, but it goes a long way toward's selling Fate to me.

Mentioned this one on Friday, but I am still loving my new Monster Manual 3 for D&D 4.  The guys over at Wizards know their audience, all the monsters in this book appeared (more or less) originally in the various AD&D modules from the Golden Age of AD&D.  So there are your GDQ monsters, your S series ones (some, not all) and more.  It was nice to see some old faces.  There were new ones as well to keep things interesting.

I worry about D&D 4 though.  It seems to me that the wind is gone out of it's sails (and maybe sales too).  I like the game, but I see why some gamers don't.  The market is more factionalized than ever before and it is somewhat due to the one thing that was supposed to bring us all under one system to rule them all; d20.

I have new Witch Girls Adventures book on the way, so I want to talk about that soon too.

Next week I have a Civil War reenactment wedding to go to.  I am in the wedding so I'll be wearing my Victorian suit.  I will be wear a full wool suit, in Illinois, at the start of Summer, outside.  I must be insane.
I want to get XP for this like it was a LARP and be able to apply to any of Ghosts of Albion characters.
In any case I won't be posting near the end of the week.


christian said...

The front seats are the best seats in combat. We have a character who boats of never getting wounded in combat, but that's because he's always in the rear.

Chicks dig scars!

Good luck at the wedding!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Yeah, it has been so long since I was a front line fighter-type that I tend to forget what I can and can't do.

Or, more often than not, I overestimate my abilities.