Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Weekend becomes Busy Week

Work will be crazy this week so posts will slow unless I can find something ready to go.

I spent the weekend at the wedding of long-time friend Jon Cook.  What was interesting about this wedding is it was at a civil war re-enactment.  So everyone in the wedding party and many guests were wearing their Civil War period costumes.  Since I was one of the best men in the wedding, so did I.

If you have that Facebook thing, you can see my pictures.!/album.php?aid=2061854&id=1065752655

What is also cool is Jon is the one that introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons more than 30 years ago.  Well, let me clarify.  I had seen and read the books before, Jon was the one that ran the first game I was ever in.
Jon and I played for years.  Eventually we also discovered other players including Erik, the other best man, and Bob who can be seen with his daughter in the picture here on the right. I dedicated my first book of witches to both of them.

Neither of the play anymore.  Jon stopped playing in High School when he got a job.  Bob and I played all through High School and then somewhat into college.  But they lead me down a path that eventually got me to Ghosts of Albion and one of the reasons I bought the outfit I did.  It all comes around I guess.

But in any case.  Yeah. Busy week coming up.

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