Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fudge and Fate

So I have some new (and some old) Fudge and Fate games I want to talk about.

But in general, what do you all think of Fudge and Fate?

I get the indy appeal, but something about them just never has jelled with me.  Maybe I don't get it.

I like numbers I guess.

Tell me.  What am I not getting here?  I'll have some reviews up soon, and I like the games that use it I just tend to like the games and convert them over to Unisystem.

More later in the week, or whenever I finish up Anime.


drnuncheon said...

If you haven't looked at the Dresden Files game, well, let's just say it's begging for one of your Willow/Tara conversions. Working with known characters might help you understand it a bit better, too.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

That is what I usually do to learn a game. I find it really helps.

More soon!

Anonymous said...

I have not played Fudge, but my group has found the FATE 3 rules quite hackable and adaptable having run everything from Spirit of the Century to Firefly, Temple of Elemental Evil to Occult Comedy Adventures with it.

We have monkeyed around most with the damage and experience system, often trying new variants of both with each game.

Aaron E. Steele said...

My only experience with Fudge is Fudge-Bunnies, a Bunnies and Burrows variant. I like it, but it could simply have been my fondness for B&B.

Fate intrigues me, and I am intending to pick up Diaspora.

Gaming Ronin said...

I love FUDGE I've had a copy of it digital and printed in a binder since 1995. I think its great. My players now would rather have numbers I love the word based game.

Fate is Great too. The aspects only ideas of fate 2.0 really didn't go over real well with me. I like skills and attributes.

The version of Fate used in the Dresden files RPG is AMAZING!!!

Chuck said...

I'd have to say that the the things I like about FATE is that it rewards players for story based decisions, being creative and thinking outside the box.