Monday, April 29, 2024

#AtoZChallenge2024: Y is for Yeti (and Other Cryptids)

 It is another Monstrous Monday in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, so let's talk about a Y monster. And really there is only one I am going to need for today. The Yeti.

I have often done the Yeti and other cryptids for my A to Z.

And in regular postings,

Pursuing the AD&D Monster Manual back in 1979, I could not help but notice that while most of the monsters were obviously mythological in origin, one stood out.  There are on the next to last entry stood tall and proud, was the Yeti.

Yeti from the Monster Manual

Now you have to remember what the late 70s / early 80s were like.  Bigfoot fever was all over the place then; there were no less than a dozen movies about Bigfoot in the '70s alone. Only the 2010s exceed it.  So seeing a Yeti, who I knew was a relative, was very interesting.  At first, I didn't want to use him; it seemed so "off" to me.  But over the years, I have changed my mind, and now I use all sorts of hominid cryptozoological creatures.   

I think that is one of the great things about this game. I can have my Greek Myths monsters right next to my Horror Movie monsters and my urban legend cryptids. 

The monsters do feel different of course, but that is also part of the fun. But D&D doesn't have to be about fighting monsters all the time. A perfectly acceptable adventure would be a group of cryptid hunters that don't hunt the monsters but instead discover these hidden, supposedly legendary creatures. 

This is one of the things I have wanted to do with my own NIGHT SHIFT game; modern-day cryptid hunting. So not just yetis, but sasquatches, skunk-apes, chupacabras, moth men, greys, and lake monsters. All sorts of fun. Bring the grocery store tabloids to life!


Tomorrow is the Last Day of the Challenge with Z Day, so I'll discuss the Z-Library of Dungeons & Dragons.

The A to Z of Dungeons & Dragons: Celebrating 50 years of D&D.


Chef Katrina said...

I didn't know much about Yeti till my days at Disney when they created a ride around him. I love the idea of having a D&D with the discover of the amazing creatures you mentioned. Making new games from existing games, pieces, and rules sounds fun!
Thank you for the ongoing education! Appreciate you! ~Katrina

Amrita said...

The Yeti and the big foot has unleashed a floodgates of movies for a very long time.Interesting post.

Lisa said...

I didn't realize Harry and the Hendersons was from the '80s, but it was! Big Foot is still a "thing" here in Oregon.

doccarnby said...

Some day I want to run a D&D game with lots of crytpid types, to be honest it's the entire reason I backed the DP&D-OSE Kickstarter, but then I wonder stuff like, would people even be able to tell the difference between a bigfoot and the more common ogre?

But in my current game, played on the Wilderness Survival map, the central desert area is based on the American Southwest with aliens and chupacabras and giant radioactive ants, so that itch is kinda being scratched.

Martha said...

Rich and I were big fans of Big Foot and Yeti movies. Maybe he's really out there somewhere. I must say, I'm not a D&D fan but your blogs have been so interesting to read!

TWW said...

Awesome post, can't wait to see Z.