Tuesday, October 17, 2023

October Horror Movie Challenge: The Meg 2 (2023)

Meg 2
Forgot to post this one last night. This is my entry for "Something Fishy."

A while back, in 2019, I watched The Meg. It was fun and I do enjoy a giant monster movie. Plus I enjoy a good Jason Statham. I get the feeling he doesn't take himself all that seriously and knows his movies are really just big cartoons. The Meg 2 is no different.

It is five years later and Jonas Taylor (Statham) is back fighting eco-crimes and working with some of the folks from the last movie including a captured Meg.

They are all working on a research station, Mana One, researching the Trench. On a routine dive, they observe more Megs but more importantly, they find an undersea base. A very high-tech one in fact. Long story short they discover their institute's tech is being used to fund an illegal mining operation worth billions in rare Earth metals. 

Jonas and his team are picked off one by one by the sea monsters while trying to get to the base, it is a horror movie after all.

They manage to discover who sabotaged the subs back at Mana One and discover who is behind it all. With the base compromised they head to the closest land they can reach, Fun Island, a tourist resort. The Megs, some of the swimming reptiles, and a giant octopus have followed them. There is a lot of carnage of vacationers and the mercenaries sent to stop Taylor and his survivors. 

There is a completely ridiculous sequence where Statham is battling three megs on a jet ski with some homemade explosives. I'll never complain about Jaws 2 again. 

The movie is silly and over-the-top action and some horror and completely fun. 

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PT Dilloway said...

That jet ski battle sounds like something out of a Sharknado sequel only with better effects. I like Statham too even if some of his movies are pretty lame. It's always pretty funny now though if you watch "Collateral" and his big part in that was handing a bag to Tom Cruise at the very beginning. Criminal waste of talent there.