Saturday, September 30, 2023

#Dungeon23 Tomb of the Vampire Queen, Level 9, Room 30

 This is the last tomb of the minor dwarven lords.  Inside though is a completely unexpected sight.

Room 30

Inside a gnome necromancer is having a heated conversation with his zombie wife. The gnome, says he has been locked up in here since the Vampire Queen took over. He had been working on a formula to grant eternal life to undead for the Vampire Queen. He stated he was so confident in his work he would try it on anyone first. So the Vampire Queen killed and raised his wife. When it didn't work she entombed them here.

Since the the gnome, he has completely forgotten his own name, has perfected his formula. He tried it on himself and it worked. But he ran out of material to also use it on his wife.

The gnome is more than a little senile and crazy claims all he needs is about 50,000 GPs worth of gems from the party to make the cure work. He is not interested in fighting. His wife is a normal zombie.  He says once he is done, he will present the cure to her most bloody majesty, Queen Darless the First and Only.  He has no idea how much time has really passed.

If the party spares these gnomes have them pop up in the next three levels, each time asking for something stranger and more outlandish.

Their only treasure is his book of spells he calls "The NecroGnomecon." It is not a spell book but a bunch of chaotic scribblings.

It is likely that if he does get all the ingredients he needs he will only succeed in finally killing himself and wife in a glorious explosion.

The exit for this level was in Room 15.


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PT Dilloway said...

"The NecroGnomecon." Someone should restage the Evil Dead movies with gnome statues. lol